UFC T-Shirt Giveaway Instructions...Make sure to read!

This is where we will be giving away UFC/MMA T-Shirts on the 9th
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UFC T-Shirt Giveaway Instructions...Make sure to read!

Post by Geoff » Wed Aug 05, 2009 11:06 am

Fellow CNC members,

This is our UFC T-Shirt Giveaway sticky. On August 9th we will be giving away 3 free UFC shirts during the 12 hour period. This is how it will work.

Starting at UFC T-Shirt Giveaway #1 we will then unlock the thread and you will then have 30 minutes to simply put a "Count me in" post . Once you have replied to that thread with a "Count me in" post you will then have 1 ballot towards winning that free UFC T-Shirt. Brad, Dan and myself will then simply go on randomizer with all the entries and randomize the winner (due to time contraints no videos will be done).

Throughout the entire day we will unlock each thread 1 by 1 and once it is unlocked you will then have 30 Minutes to enter your "Count me in" ballot. If you do not enter then you have no chance to win. If you are the only one that entered then you are guaranteed to win. You may enter all the giveaways as well. Also there is only 1 ballot per person. If you decide to post multiple times you will then lose all of your ballots for this draw.

If you have any questions about the UFC T-Shirt giveaways only please post them in here for answers.

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