How do Sketch cards work in Non-Sport collecting??

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How do Sketch cards work in Non-Sport collecting??

Post by Garbe11 » Wed Jan 07, 2015 2:22 pm

I've been googling and trying to find an explanation for the sketch cards that are being found in todays collections. I recently bought 2 boxes of Marvel Universe 2014 for my girlfriend and I to show her what it was like to collect back in the day. We had a blast and ended up both getting a sketch card (1 per box). She got an amazing picture of Wolverine. Thinking it was a print, I started googling sketchafex cards from Marvel Universe 2014 and couldn't find a match... which made me read into it a bit and found out they're 1 of a kind! So how do they price cards like this? By artist? By who the card is of? What set it came from? Her Wolverine card was signed with a "50" but my Nova one was a full signature, "Felix M."

Just wondering if anyone had some insight or a link to an explanation of how the sketch card thing works...

Thanks! It's all pretty cool, and makes me want to collect more sets to get more of these pieces of art!

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