World Series of Fighting?

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World Series of Fighting?

Post by FlyersMatt » Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:48 pm

Want to check in with some of the MMA fans on here to see their thoughts on this new league.

I'm a huge UFC fan. Been for years, but haven't very closely followed it for a couple years now and I'm getting back into it. I've seen other "leagues" (not sure what to call them, my brain is not working right now lol) come and go like WEC, PRIDE, EliteXC, etc and was wondering what people though about the new WSOF.

IMO the only really successful ones were/are UFC and Pride. I know Bellator is gaining some popularity now, but I never heard of WSOF until I started playing UFC Undisputed 3 and just caught WSOF 2 on TV tonight. I see some former UFC fighters in this now: Andrei Arlovski, Anthony Johnson, John Fitch...

Do you guys think this league has any future? I think it would be very hard for any league to give UFC any competition for a ton of reasons, but even that aside I'm wondering if WSOF is just another company that will fade away quick.

After watching some of their fights, I see some potential and some problems. They have some former UFC guys and fighters that look pretty good, but at the same time, the UFC guys are either washed up or weren't able to maintain a career with the big boys. One of my biggest qualms though is the commentating. Maybe it's just my pet peeve but I can't stand fight commentators that don't seem to know anything about the sport. The guys they have doing the fights sound like someone gave them the quick rundown on MMA and let them loose. Maybe I'm just spoiled from having Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan from the UFC who I believe are the best for being able to explain techniques, strategies, and fighter history. The WSOF guys are like "Wow look at his amazing standup, those combinations", as one fighter flails all over with wild strikes and land a couple by luck lol

Anyone else have any thoughts on the WSOF?

EDIT: Just looked up and saw that the commentating team is made up of Bas Rutten, Kurt Angle, and Michael "The Voice" Schiavello. So maybe a couple of them do have knowledge of fighting for real, or maybe were good fighters in their day...but man they blow at commentating lol
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