Who To Contact on Cloutsnchara

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Who To Contact on Cloutsnchara

Post by SlapStick » Tue Aug 20, 2013 1:10 pm

Welcome to C&C everyone! Here is the quick 'Directory' for Cloutsnchara. If you have any questions regarding anything on the forums, here is who you would contact for each section/issue/topic. You can click on their username in order to send them a PM.

First off, here is the full list of Site Admin's and Moderators.

Geoff (Geoff)
Cloutsnchara (Dan)

SlapStick (Brad)
bqaggie (Samuel)
carmichaelpt (Chris)
kevin6666 (Kevin)
masydoc (Marty)
MB30-naelcam (Justin)
Force (Trevor)
urbanmonk (Dwight)

Now if you have any issues regarding the forums, any of the moderators can help with but to get more effective and efficient responses here is what they specialize in and forums they run. I will not post every subforum and task but here are the general questions asked any who to contact.

For any Transaction Question or Concerns:
- bqaggie
- MB30-naelcam
- Urbanmonk

For any Trading Questions or Concerns:
- bqaggie
- kevin6666
- MB30-naelcam
- urbanmonk

For any Buying and Selling Questions, concerns and exemption applications:
- kevin6666

For any general Group Break Questions or concerns:
- CloutsnChara
- Geoff

For any C&C related shipping questions, concerns or requests:
- CloutsnChara

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