C&C Consignment FAQS

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C&C Consignment FAQS

Post by Cloutsnchara » Thu Nov 19, 2015 11:08 am

CnC Members,

Anytime we open a big card or a card with multiple teams on it we let the members know that we can sell the card on their behalf on eBay. Here we will break down what fees are associated with that and the process of doing it or not.


- We will only sell cards that are worth $500 or more. Anything under that will be shipped to the member that got the card or randomized between the members that are part of it.

- We will now only be doing auctions for the cards we sell for members, no Buy It Now with Best Offer options. (This is to capitalize on getting the max dollars while the product is hot)

- The card will go on eBay within 2 business days after the card is pulled on Breakers.TV (Unless said otherwise by the online breaker)

- The auction will start at .99 cents and go for 5 or 7 days


- PayPal and eBay fees will be taken off the final selling price. Our fee is 10 percent for listing the card, handling, shipping and dealing with any problems that may occur.

- If the buyer on eBay does not pay for tracking, we will ship it tracked and will take that cost off the final price.

- Fee Example: Card sells for $1000 – Ebay Fees will be $72 (Approx) PayPal Fees will be $29.30 (Approx) Our Fee will be $50 (Approx)

- Once the card is paid for and the buyer has received the card, we will contact the member(s) that own the card and ask if they would like credit for future breaks/boxes or the money sent to their PayPal account. Money will be sent in US funds.

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