My first show&tell (two in one) since six months ago!

Discuss all your box breaks, maildays and incoming cards. Post lots of pictures!
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My first show&tell (two in one) since six months ago!

Post by BrownBullhead » Tue Jul 17, 2018 7:01 pm

Not doing any "new" collecting for the foreseeable future. Still focusing hobby dollars and time on my aquarium room. :)

But I'm still adding singles to my P.C. whenever the price is right. I've only added 9 singles in 2018. But quality over quantity, right? Enjoy this small show.

Also my main PC is @ ... 00th-to-me!


It was just one month ago that I did my first show-and-tell since December 2017.

Well, after my last three weeks on eBay, I have enough to do another one.

These first five images are from eBay directly...


And these remaining images are from the same seller as the Bure and Jagr Stick&Jersey cards. I got messaging with my seller (from Surrey, B.C.) and he tells me "Oh, I have more retro's put away." I'm freakin' out at this point. He messages me a week later and shows me what he's got.

I bought all of 'em that I needed, which was most of 'em LOL. The Blake is a condition upgrade for my existing copy. Wow, what a solid month for the personal collection!


Thank you to "Peter" for a smooth, smooth deal! :) Now I just gotta buy some more 75pt mag touches for this show and the show from a month ago. :)

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Re: My first show&tell (two in one) since six months ago!

Post by creasecollector » Tue Jul 17, 2018 8:08 pm

Solid cards! Thank you for sharing :) And best of luck with your aquarium room!
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Re: My first show&tell (two in one) since six months ago!

Post by HammerHawks » Wed Jul 18, 2018 8:09 pm

Always love seeing what Retro stuff you pick up!
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