Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. General Forum Rules

    1. Be Nice!

      1. You are not allowed to Harass, Threaten or Insult any of your fellow forum members. #
      2. No swearing! No derogatory language either. #
    2. Account Rules

      1. You may only have one account. In addition to this, an account may only be operated by one person. #
      2. Do not abuse the feedback system. This includes leaving feedback for your friends, leaving unjustified negatives or leaving feedback when no transaction occurred. In any instance of this all suspicious feedback will be removed. ADDED: Feedback will be removed for any trades we find are left on multiple sites. In short, if you make a deal on another site and post it here, feedback will be removed and warnings will be issued. Feedback also CANNOT be left for raffle results, group break results or IP (in-person) trades/transactions. Any violation as such will be deleted and subsequent feedback will be removed and warnings will be issued. #
    3. Posting Rules

      1. Spamming of any form is not permitted, we allow you to talk of other hobby sites. Here are some forms of spam that will not be tolerated:
        - Mass PM's regarding Group Breaks/Raffles/Mystery Packs
        - Mass/Random PM's asking for random trades/sales. If you are going to PM someone about a trade, use must include specifics, not just "Hey, I want to trade, look through my bucket".
        - Down talking C&C in the sole purpose of luring people to another site. #
      2. If you are posting a rumour or story that you found on another site, you must post a link referencing the source. Any thread that does not comply with this will be deleted. #
      3. Let our moderators do their job. If you see anyone breaking any of our rules do not reply. Just PM one of our mods letting them know so they can handle it. #
      4. You are not permitted to post in a transaction thread of which you are not a party to (i.e., If the transaction is between A and B, and you are C, you are not allowed to post in the thread for that transaction). If you do, a formal warning will be issued. #
    4. ALL forum rules are carried over to our Channel. #
    5. NO Money Lending/Group Break 'Sponsoring' - this is not permitted on our forums in any form or fashion. Thus, it is understood that while this is not allowed, if you decide to loan/sponsor a member, you do this AT YOUR OWN RISK and any site ADMIN / MOD will not come to the rescue should you not be reimbursed. Regardless of what is 'promised' to you, you should not expect to see your money back. #
    6. Use common sense! We have a short list of rules, please don't abuse it by trying to find loop holes. In the end Mods get final say in what is and isn't acceptable. #
    7. Participation in C&C Group Breaks (no matter the amount) does not give you an exemption for ANY of the C&C forum rules. No special treatment will be issued. #
  2. Trading Guidelines

    1. Each member will be allowed only (1) One thread in the Trading section per 7 day period. You can make one thread with all of your Traders & Wants. Be descriptive in your threads. If you don’t have a photo bucket, list your traders. If you take the time to put a thorough thread together you will have much more success. When you need to update your thread simply click on the edit button on the first post of your thread. #
    2. All members with less than 10 Positive Feedback are required to send first. (However, if you can provide enough feedback from another trading site (i.e. HI, SCF, UCB or Beckett) we can allow you an exception from the Must send First Rule. Once completed you will have a "Verified" tag placed below your name. New members DO NOT have to send first if they are receiving Paypal as Paypal covers the buyer for up to 45 days if anything goes wrong. #
    3. You may only “bump” your thread ONCE every 24 hours. Also, replying in your own thread is considered a bump. PLEASE try NOT to correspond in threads. If members reply to your thread, you must PM them if you have already bumped within 24 hours. Use the PM feature located in each thread under the users name. By clicking the PM icon it will bring you directly to a PM with a link to that thread. Multiple bumps in less than 24 hours will result in a penalty, as follows…

      1st offense -- a friendly PM with a link to the guidelines
      2nd offense -- a formal warning will be issued
      3rd offense -- 3 day suspension
      4th offense -- 14 day suspension
      (We hate the 3rd and 4th offense, so please don't make us do it) #
    4. There will be ZERO tolerance for multiple threads by any user in the Trading forum. Multiple threads will be immediately deleted, without warning and a suspension will be handed out if you continue to post multiple threads. You may only post a new thread once every 7 days, if you need to update in that time, use the edit function. We allow you to change the title and content of your post. You may post a new thread after 7 days of the previous ONLY if the old thread has been inactive a minimum of 4 days. #
    5. If you do not own a scanner or camera, you must reference the source of any pic’s you post (ie…ebay scans) #
    6. Once a trade is finalized, one of the parties MUST post the deal in the Transaction Forum. All cards being traded must be listed (to avoid confusion or assumptions). If a trade is not posted and a problem arises, the moderators will not be able to do anything to help you. Once a deal is posted in and agreed upon by both parties, it is then considered confirmed and official. #
    7. Once a transaction is “official” both parties MUST follow through. If not, consequences will follow. #
    8. Please take the time to READ the thread maker’s wishes. If the thread maker states that he wants only a certain player/players in return, don’t PM him and ask if he’ll take something else. Also, don’t beg and complain if you can’t work out a deal with someone. We all have our own value we place on our cards. It’s not your place to question or complain to fellow members about how others value their cards. Be courteous to your fellow members and you’ll will have much more success and build many friendships on this site! #
    9. You are only allowed to offer cards you have in hand. You are not allowed to offer cards that you have incoming. #
    10. Be PATIENT. We have a broad age group of members here….as young as 11 and some in their 40’s+. We all have different lifestyles and responsibilities. There will be times when you get rapid responses and there will be times when you may not get a response for a few days. Rest assured, your PM’s will be answered. #
    11. BE REASONABLE! If a card is well beyond your means, cash or traders wise, please do not beg or plead to trade for this card. #
  3. Buying And Selling Guidelines

    1. ALL Sales MUST be done via PayPal! Any cash or EMT transactions are done at your own risk. Also, under NO circumstances is Paypal Gift allowed as a form of payment. Any member caught requesting gift payments will be punished accordingly. #
    2. Any member can now sell. As long as it is done through PayPal. #
    3. Any Sales over $100 MUST be shipped with tracking and signature confirmation. If you do not, you are doing so at own risk. (Meaning, if you get screwed, there's nothing we can do to help) #
    4. Only post in Sale threads if it pertains to buying or selling. Do not ask for trades unless the OP says otherwise and DO NOT comment on someone's pricing. #
    5. Please have no more than 2 Threads at a time. I'm not going to set a specific time line so use common sense. If people start taking advantage of it, a time frame will be set and enforced. #
    6. You may only bump a thread once per 24 hour period. #
    7. If you do not own a scanner/camera and you are posting scans from another source (Ex. eBay scans), you must reference it #
    8. When posting a sale thread, you must either list your items or take the time to post some pictures. There will be no "Check my bucket/Check my tradelist in my signature" posts. #
    9. Pricing is suggested (but not mandatory). They are your cards, you probably know what you want out of them. If the prices are negotiable, or firm, please let us know. #
    10. You must comply to the thread starters wishes. See #8 in Trading Guidelines. #
    11. You are only allowed to offer up cards you have in hand, not ones you have incoming. #
    12. Do not promote your ebay auctions in the Buy/Sell Sections. We have a separate forum for that. #

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